Christmas Vest


A light blue vest with a snowflake decal plastered onto the back. The vest has anti-freeze capabilities to deal with the elemental's ice attacks. The vest makes you 100% ice resistant and adds 25 HP. This is a permanent vest that does not need buying.


  • If you have the Halloween Vest, this is not recommended as the latter gives more HP.
    • If this is the only vest you have, and you don't want to waste money on another vest, this is your best bet.


  • This is the second event vest in R2D, first being the Halloween Vest.
  • The thumbnail image shows the back of the vest instead of the front.
    • The front image is the same as the Ice Vest, with the exclusion of the black details.
  • This vest (and all the other vests) is based on the Nerf Vest mesh but with a different texture, found here.

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