The time when Christ was born is worth celebrating! He's given us forgiveness for our sins and a life with him all we have to do is accept it. So now you have to accept that R2D once again go nuts over another period of time!

In this event, Snowball Fights with Snowballs were added, Presents were added and much much more.

This event also brought permanent features such as the Candycane and Toy Factory.

Exclusive Weapons

IceSledge NewButton PewPew NewButtonFIX
Ice Sledge Pew Pew

Exclusive Items

BGiftButtonImg YGiftButtonImg GGiftButtonImg SnowballButtonImg
Blue Gift Golden Gift Green Gift Snowball

Exclusive Armors

Christmas Vest Button Golden Ribbon Button
Christmas Vest Golden Ribbon

Exclusive Mobs

Mr Frost

Holiday-Themed Maps

IceLand 2350a40697d6c1fe2b63f53e8d27ea56 DedIceVacation 4e6202a8d4e98e495ffa96f546d59c6e
Portland New Bloxcoast Dead Vacation Toy Factory
Remains Holiday-Themed

Exclusive Maps

Mr Frost
Mr Frost


  • King Cake and the "Cake" feature returned to R2D.
  • This event is the first to include a special gamemode, Snowball Fight, although it was technically permanent as the mode continued to exist for Toy Factory.
  • The Smoker and Crawler got Christmas outfits for this event.

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