This was effectively the only explosive weapon until the RPG came. This has the same blast radius as the Grenade and explodes on impact. Recommended to wear the Flak Vest, just in-case. This is the perfect hoard-control weapon.

Wikipedia Information

The China Lake Model (or China Lake Pump-Action Grenade Launcher) is a pump-action grenade launcher that was developed by the Special Projects Division of the China Lake Naval Weapons Center, which provided equipment to Navy SEALs.


  • The Chinalake can lead to self-damage and death, consider bringing a Flak Vest.
    • Because the Chinalake can fling you when firing at yourself, you can grenade jump. However, this will still hurt/kill you, so you should bring a Flak Vest to reduce the damage done.
  • The Chinalake can stun Tanks and can stun-lock if done well.


  • The Chinalake will always make a lobbed shot, meaning it shoots up and then quickly drop down instead of traveling straight.
  • The Chinalake mesh is the Stinky Underwear Launcher.
  • This weapon made a return in R2DA.
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