This is an unrealised mob in R2D. It isn't a boss mob, but is stronger than a Tank and can only be summoned once per round, similar to the Stalker. PlaceRebuilder once tweeted about this, on @XelPxiels, saying that he has been thinking on adding this. This is the only picture that exists. The statistics that follows is pure speculation.

PlaceRebuilder stated that the estimated cost would be around 2,000$ to buy this and can only be spawned once per round. This is the only stat that is confirmed, if the Charged Tank ever made it to R2D.

The Charged Tank would have been a truly devastating mob with about 3-5x the health of a Tank, and twice the power. It appears to carry a club and has an angry neon green head and face. the club would be able to do 50-60 damage.


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