Caved In takes place in an abandoned mine. Players will spawn right next to their rescue boat. They will have to open the blast door. The map contains two gamemodes and it has a very difficult objective mode that takes even an experienced player a while to complete.


Survivors spawn outside of the cave in ankle deep water. Once inside the cave, there is a group of small buildings on the left side. One of the buildings are boarded up and another contains a supply box. In the middle of the cave, there is a lift that can only be activated by filling the generator with Gasoline Can. On the upper level, there is another larger building that also has a supply box. There is also a tunnel blocked off by rock rubble. This rock rubble can be cleared on Objective mode by gathering the TNT. On Capture The Flag mode, this tunnel is already cleared. Finally, the tunnel leads to a storage area that contains many movable boxes and a drive-able forklift.


  • If a survivor is near the TNT when it is detonated, the player will die or be damaged slightly.
  • Zombies can spawn on the roof, always look above.


  • The rescue vehicle used to have 6 seats, and was smaller back then, only 6 people could escape, until the rescue vehicle was updated, to have 12 seats.
  • This map used to contain the most amount of objectives but has been overshadowed by Buried Alive.
  • According to PlaceRebuilder, the triangular hole in the roof was originally going to be a zombie spawn.
  • Caved In made a return in R2DA.
  • Later on, nearing the death of R2D, the generator objective broke, meaning you could not complete the objective.

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