The Cavebat is the first flying player-controlled mob as well as being a special infected in R2D. The Cavebat can be purchased for 50$ and the kill reward is 20$

Zombies don't infect animate objects other then humans... Right? Well clearly not as the virus was contracted by bats to form the Cavebat. Now they can shoot guano at survivors and hurl at extremely high speeds to knock you off you feet. They can easily be countered with the EMP Grenade. The Cavebat is considered the supporter class of the game.


Left Mouse Button
Flap Gains altitude and flies in the direction of click.
E key
Spit Fires white goo that takes away 25 HP if the shots land on the torso/limbs and 50 HP if it is a headshot Consumes 30 energy.
F key
Dash Dives into enemies with twice its normal speed, for short burst, knocking them over. Consumes 70 energy.
Steer Press W to get your bat to look the direction the camera is aiming.

Disadvantages and Advantages


  • Vulnerable to the Flamethrower and the EMP Grenade.
  • Spit move seems distorted and may not even register as a hit.
  • Dash requires close up attacks.


  • High damage Spit attack.
  • Dash attack could trip survivors off escape vehicles and ladders.
  • Small body means less of a target.


  • The Cavebat was mentioned in-game on the menu screen for a brief period of time ("Is cavebats only a myth?").
  • The Cavebat is the first and currently only zombie in R2D that can fly whereas Hunters simply fall with style.
  • Until Version 40, this had no kill reward.
  • The Cavebat is the second animal in R2D, second to the Duck.
  • The Cavebat can pick up dropped hats, albeit the hats looked awkward on the Cavebat.
  • The Cavebat used to be able to carry flags in Capture the Flag until Version 40.

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