Cash is among one of the most important things in Reason 2 Die, as it is the game's main currency and is used to buy bigger and badder weapons, many offensive and utility items and vests which just might save your life in the right situation.

How to earn money

Earning money can be as simple as killing a zombie, or just doing the objective (in some cases). These are the following ways that allow you to earn money.

  1. Killing a zombie (from AI Zombies to Tanks).
  2. Completing certain Objectives (such as finding the Teddy Bear in Campfire Chaos).
  3. Winning a round (depends on Difficulty).
  4. Getting it from Chests.
  5. Buying money through Robux. The options are:
    • 1000 Cash - R$80
    • 5000 Cash - R$380
    • 14000 Cash - R$1,000


  • Just before Reason 2 Die got shut down, PlaceRebuilder disabled the option to buy Cash due to hackers corrupting people's data.

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