Capture The Flag [CTF] is a survivor vs zombie gamemode with a special twist. As the name suggests, you will have to capture the other teams (teams being survivors and zombies) flag. First team to capture 3 flag wins. However, the zombies may also win by killing all the survivors.


  • Starting zombies will always win no matter what.
    • This is because if the survivors win, all the starting zombies win. If the zombies win legitimately, only they win.
  • Relocating will instantly kill you, while Cavebats cannot gain the flag (due to the fact the zombies will win easily).
    • Relocating was fixed in Version 56. Cavebats taking the flag was fixed in Version 40.
  • The flag drops wherever the person holding it dies. Make sure to stay near the holder to continue moving it!
    • The enemy team can also touch the dropped flag to retrieve it back to its place.


  • Has an abundance of glitches including some current glitches above. Other include:
    • Flags not spawning in.
    • The relocating-kill feature sometimes doesn't work.
    • Flags can be dropped in the void without anyone realising.
  • Before Version 54, AI Zombies could get the survivor's flag and walk around aimlessly with it.

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