The Candycane is a purchasable item in the in-game store. It is able to regenerate 100% of your energy and heal 15 health.

Candycanes are an iconic item when it comes to Christmas. They have been around since the 1670's when a German Choirmaster asked a local candy maker to make some sweet sticks to help deal with the noisy children during his services. The canes were bent like a shepherd's stick to symbolise the shepherds who visited the baby Jesus.


  • You can use the Candycane when you're in tight problems such as getting away from a horde of zombies.
    • You can also use this if you don't have a Medkit or ENRGY.
  • Run away when an attack is over, throw a Pipebomb, eat this and keep running to heal. This will pay for itself.
    • The Candycane is great for escaping situations. For example, you are the last one alive or the chance of being pinned by a Smoker.


  • The Candycane is able to get rid of the infection in the Infection gamemode.
  • The Candycane is the first item that has dual "buffs". It is able to heal and restore energy.
  • Even though it is part of the Christmas Event 2014, this is permanently purchasable.