Campfire Chaos is an original map which appeared in the R2D 2012 revamp and has since been one of the easiest maps in R2D.


The map appears to be two islands in the middle of the ocean, with a small wooden bridge connecting both islands together. It contains mostly nature props than buildings itself.

On the island you spawn on, there is a campfire and wooden hut beside each other. In the backyard of the wooden hut contains an electrical fence which will instantly kill you upon touch. There is also a water tank. Also on the same island, further along, is another campfire and what appears to be an outhouse.

On the other island, there is a barn which contains the Radio and the runway. Besides the runway is a small shelter.


  • Crossing the bridge is very risky. Be aware for Smokers, Tanks and Stalkers.
  • The map is very small and open. Explosive weapons such as the Chinalake are good.
  • When the Private Jet lands, that specific place will become a magnet for zombies.


  • Campfire Chaos made a return in R2DA.
  • This is one of the few maps that kept their name and basic design from R2D 2012.

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