The Cake Minion is a mob that can only be spawned by the King Cake. While this is most associated with Event M8, this also is associated with Halloween Event 2014 and Christmas Event 2014 due to King Cake returning for those events.

The Cake Minion is incredibly weak, however, they must be killed to protect the team trying to kill the main enemy, King Cake.

The Cake Minion are the size of the droppable Cake item. The only difference is that they have tiny glasses on them. As a result, they can be easily confused with the droppable Cake, causing people to take damage when they try to get it. They spawn in hordes, making them deadly if not dealt with.


  • First boss mob spawn
  • This mob can still hurt players when dead by touching its "body".
  • This made a return in R2DA.

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