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Items that have a Breakable value can be broken by zombies and survivors alike.


Items that have a ZBreakable value can only be broken by zombies.
All mobs do 1 damage to breakable objects per 5 seconds. The Tank does 3 damage with a 5 second cooldown.
Many individuals can increase this value. For example, 10 zombies can do 10 damage per 5 seconds.

The following details a compressible list of all the values with breakable within R2D.

Breakable Values
Planks ~5
Doors ~7
Windows 1
Gas Tank (New Bloxcoast) ~3
Rocks (Buried Alive) 1 (only with Shovel)
Wall (New Bloxcoast main building) 1
ZBreakable Values
Vans 40
Turrets, Blue Turrets 10
Caved In, Portland, Toy Factory and The Port coded doors ~50