The Boomer is one of the special infected in R2D. All Boomers appear to be fat. The Boomer can be purchased for 15$ and the kill reward is 20$

Boomers. Once a lazy gamer, now a fat zombie (No insults!). The Boomer is an acid bomb, filled with pure stomach acid, ready to exile it out of its body towards the survivor. They can Vomit at free will, and the vomit can, and will, confuse and slow the survivor that gets caught by the acid. They can also explode; making them even more mortal. But unfortunately, due to the fact that the Boomer's body is mostly filled with pure acid, they cannot walk easily due to the liquid weighting down the Boomer. They are extremely slow and extremely weak. Considered worthless by many but powerful if unnoticed. The Boomer is considered the kamikaze class in the game.


Left Mouse Button
Scratch Deals 10 damage. Consumes no energy.
Explode Upon death, a sphere of vomit explodes. Deals 20 damage and visual impairment.
Also activated when killed.
F key
Vomit Vomits on the floor. Upon touch, the vomit deals 10 damage and visual impairment. Consumes 75 energy.

Disadvantages and Advantages


  • Slower than a crawling Hunter.
  • Vomit range is only effective in close-quarters.
  • Much weaker than Zombie.


  • Explodes on death, affecting survivors, even if they didn't kill the Boomer.
  • Vomit confuses survivors as it visually impares the survivor's screen.


  • Out of all the zombies, the Boomer has the least amount of health and the slowest walkspeed.
    • The Boomer is considered completely worthless by many users and is said to be on par with AI Zombies.

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