Boathouse was a Reason 2 Die map. The boathouse itself is located on an enclosed island with a lake. The main boathouse, a cabin, a picnic area, and a dock are all that can be found.


Survivors spawn just beyond the picnic area. Various trees and rocks surround a path. To the left of the picnic area is a small pond. Hills surround the whole map.

In the picnic area, there are two rooms as well as the main picnic area. The path diverges and leads to the boathouse or the main cabin. The main cabin is largely insignificant, while the boat house contains two floors and an accessible roof. Next to it, there is a dock.


  • You can rocket jump with the Chinalake and Flak Vest to get on top of the picnic area roof.
    • For an easier camping spot, you can use the boathouse roof.
    • While on these camping spots, use a Turret to counter Cavebats.
  • The majority of the map is vast and expansive. Use more accurate weapons such as the Sniper, Ak-47 and Famas F1.


  • This map is based off the boathouse finale in Left 4 Dead.
  • This map is on the game's icon.
  • This map was the last map to be added to Reason 2 Die.

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