The Boat in Caved In is the rescue vehicle that will be used at the end of the Objective. You spawn next to it when you start the game.


  • Zombies spawn above the Boat. Always look up.
    • A few zombies spawn at the blast doors. Use the C4, Mines or Turrets to deal with this.
  • A C4 Crawler can easily knock everybody off the boat. A Tank can easily maul all survivors.
  • Try to take a seat. The Boat moves very quickly when it leaves.


  • In Version 27, the Boat changed from a small one, with only 5 seats, to the one you see today.
  • The Modern Boat, according to Jopede, is based off the Uisko-class landing craft used by the Finnish Navy.
    • The Modern Boat made a return in R2DA.

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