Blackfield Station is a map in Reason 2 Die that takes place in a bus station on a road in the middle of nowhere. There seem to be rivers that go through the station and the station seems to be surrounded by mountains.

The map has three gamemodes, one of them being Objective. You must find the Flare Gun and wait for the Bus.


Players spawn in the south-western quadrant of the map. Go along the road will lead you to the entrance of the bus station. You can also see that the zombies spawnpoints is above you on your left. Going straight on will lead you to a fully collapsed bridge.

The bus station itself has two floors; the main bus stops and the walkway between the bus stops. The walkeway is partially destroyed on one of the parallel roads. The Bus appears on this road.

Random cars are strewn throughout the map and some stone structures can be seen.

A fence separates the two halves of the map. Rivers mark the map border to the west and east of the map. Mountains mark the border to the south and north of the map.


  • The areas on the river under the highway are good camping areas.
  • You can hide right where the bridge meets the highway.
  • The Rambo Knife can be useful for rambo jumping.


  • Blackfield Station made a return in R2DA.

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