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Badges are trophies, accomplishments, objectives or overall special tasks that someone can do. There aren't normally any rewards associated with the Badges. Some Badges are always going to be obtainable, but some are a certain time only.

List of Badges

Image Name Obtainable Reward(s) Amount Earned Description
Killled creator badge.png
Killed Creator Up until Closure Bragging Rights 1,449 Players To get this badge you have to kill PlaceRebuilder while he is survivor.
Cleared Buried Alive! Up until Closure Bragging Rights 3,894 Players To all those brave men who stood their ground and cleared BuriedAlive on OBJ!
Reason 2 Die Closed Alpha Up until release Bragging Rights ??? Players For all those participating in closed alpha.
Scavenger Hunt Winter Games Event 2015 Winter Games Goggles ??? Players These snow goggles spawn every third round. Finders, keepers!
Smoker Hunter Winter Games Event 2015 Edgar's Head ??? Players Kill 8 Smokers during the ROBLOX Winter Event.
Reward: Edgar's Head (Hat)