Arcade Town is a R2D map with a twist. It uses the Arcade gamemode. The map is unique by not having any ammo stations or supply boxes. Instead, they are dropped by spinning boxes.


Survivors spawn in front of an abandoned warehouse. Several boxes and containers can be seen. They spawn in the shadow of a clock tower.

Across the street, a dialect building can be seen crumbling, as well as a fire depot. Along the street is a high street with abandoned care, shops and buses. Survivors can get onto the roofs of buildings through parkour and wires.


  • Ammo and supplies can only be picked up on the streets of the map. Be wise with your ammo.
    • Uniquely, you can refill otherwise nonrefillable weapons, including the RPG and Minigun.
    • It is recommended to bring your own items to teh round as you cannot be guaranteed to get good items from the boxes.
  • Due to the vertical rise of this map, Smokers and Cavebats are a danger here.


  • ArcadeTown is the only map that has an appearance of an apocalyptic city.
  • ArcadeTown is the only map not to have any ammo boxes.
  • This is one of the few maps that have made it alive and onto Studio.