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Arcade [ARC] is a gamemode in which a team of survivors start off and have to survive 5 minutes. There are generally a small amount of starting zombies, depending on the difficulty and server size. They must work together for the next 5 minutes to survive and win the round. While this is like Survival, survivors must play under arcade rules meaning that they can only gain ammo and items through floating, spinning boxes.


  • All guns are reloadable here, be aware!
    • This does mean you can reload the RPG and Minigun here.
  • The only way to gain ammo is through the floating boxes.
    • Be aware of other survivors who may take the boxes to troll others.
    • Also be aware of zombies hiding within these boxes.
  • The items you get from the spinning boxes are limited, meaning you cannot gain all items that one may buy.
    • An example of an item you cannot get is the C4.


  • This gamemode is best known for its unique reloading ability, meaning you can reload weapons such as the Minigun and RPG.