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Despite the obvious usefulness in a real zombie apocalypse, the Antidote is restricted as a objective item. It is used in Anti-Virus to cure the survivors of their virus. The survivors need to find four Antidotes and place them into the computer.

Once this is done, the survivors must get into to one of the two cleansing cylinders, one at a time. Click the computer button for the cleansing to proceed. If two or more survivors are in the tubes, only one survivor will emerge alive as the other(s) are instantly killed. This is to prevent people abusing the fact that it can hold multiple people at a time. After all the remaining survivors are cleansed, they must kill all the zombies.


  • Beware of selfish people who do not place the Antidote into the computer.
  • Find it as quickly as possible to cure yourself as fast as possible.


  • There's nothing really special about it.