The map Anti-Virus depicts a laboratory with many different rooms. The main objective is to find the Antidote, place them into the computer and cleanse yourself.


Survivors spawn into an area surrounded by pipes. A simple passage links this with the main room.

The main room is occupied by a large computer critical to the round. In the main room, a stairway can be used to access the upper levels of this map. In addition, there is a vent that connects the main room with the rooms above the initial spawn point. From this vent, there are more stairways to the control room, which leads back down to the main room, or another stairwell which leads to the initial area.

Other rooms that are connected include a room that appears to have been used for dissecting zombies, an upper-level bridge that has several rooms and is linked to the vent.


  • Once the virus meter reaches full, all players automatically die. Be sure to work together to win the round.
    • Communication between teammates is key.
  • If two or more people are in one of the machine's tubes, only the last person to enter will survive.
    • Since there is an orderly queue to cleanse, zombies such as Tanks and C4 Crawlers have easy pickings.
  • To win, you do not need to kill the AI Zombies.


  • Some mobile users don't have the virus bar due to limited screen space, resulting in death, since they don't know when they'll die. In this situation, just guard the computer and crowd.
  • The entire map is comparable to the map Overdose in the game Combat Arms.

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